[Haskell-cafe] state and exception or types again...

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Sat Sep 2 10:00:15 EDT 2006

Il Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 10:43:14AM +0400, Bulat Ziganshin ebbe a scrivere:

> imho, your tutorial makes the error that is a very typical: when you
> write your tutorial you already know what are monads and what the
> program you will construct at the end. but your reader don't know all these!

Ok, so I did it again.

Try with:
"Meet Bob The Monadic Lover"

the last part, the real monadic, is to be written, but I had very
limited time. I will, though.

let me know, please.

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