[Haskell-cafe] Exercise in point free-style

Robert Dockins robdockins at fastmail.fm
Fri Sep 1 12:17:40 EDT 2006

On Friday 01 September 2006 11:44, Neil Mitchell wrote:
> Hi
> > func2 f g l = filter f (map g l)
> > is
> > func2p f g = (filter f) . (map g)
> func2 = (. map) . (.) . filter
> Again, how anyone can come up with a solution like this, is entirely
> beyond me...

To answer part of the OP's question, it's always possible to rewrite a lambda 
term using point-free style (using a surprisingly small set of basic 
combinators).  The price you pay is that the new term is often quite a bit 
larger than the old term.  Rewriting complicated lambda terms as point-free 
terms is often of, em, dubious value.  OTOH, it can be interesting for 
understanding arrows, which are a lot like monads in points-free style (from 
what little experience I have with them).

BTW, the process of rewriting can be entirely automated.  I assume the 
lambdabot is using one of the well-known algorithms, probably tweaked a bit.

Goolge "combinatory logic" or "Turner's combinators" if you're curious.

> Thanks
> Neil

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