[Haskell-cafe] Self Study with SOE

Aditya Siram aditya_siram at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 28 16:21:33 EDT 2006

Thanks a lot. That's exactly what I wanted. I appreciate all the help I have 
received from the list.


>From: Paul Hudak <paul.hudak at yale.edu>
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>Subject: Re: [Haskell-cafe] Self Study with SOE
>Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 14:10:40 -0400
>Hi Deech.  I'm afraid that there is no solutions manual for SOE.  I have 
>many of the solutions scattered about in various places, and have been 
>meaning to cull them together, but haven't had the time.  However, the 
>following website should be helpful to you:
>    http://plucky.cs.yale.edu/CS429F04
>This is from a course I taught two years ago, and it contains a number of 
>solutions to SOE problems, as well as powerpoint slides for most of the 
>chapters, and information on more advanced topics such as Yampa.
>I hope this helps,
>    -Paul
>Aditya Siram wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I have been steadily working through Haskell SOE. However, as the 
>>exercises become more involved, I would like to know, not only that the 
>>answer I come up with works, but that I am doing it the right way (the 
>>elegant way?).
>>For instance, Chapter 8 Exercise 8.3 requires me to modify the "area" and 
>>"perimeter" functions to accept negative arguments. My solution would be 
>>to change the functions to take the absolute value of the arguments as 
>>they come in. This would work but it doesn't seem all that elegant.
>>Additionally, SOE exercises do not come with test data so I can test 
>>correctness. Is it part of my responsibililty as a student to come up with 
>>test data (boundary conditions etc) as I try to answer the questions?
>>Is there some kind of solutions manual available? I promise I am not doing 
>>this as homework for a course.

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