[Haskell-cafe] Self Study with SOE

Aditya Siram aditya_siram at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 26 12:59:55 EDT 2006

Hi all,
I have been steadily working through Haskell SOE. However, as the exercises 
become more involved, I would like to know, not only that the answer I come 
up with works, but that I am doing it the right way (the elegant way?).

For instance, Chapter 8 Exercise 8.3 requires me to modify the "area" and 
"perimeter" functions to accept negative arguments. My solution would be to 
change the functions to take the absolute value of the arguments as they 
come in. This would work but it doesn't seem all that elegant.

Additionally, SOE exercises do not come with test data so I can test 
correctness. Is it part of my responsibililty as a student to come up with 
test data (boundary conditions etc) as I try to answer the questions?

Is there some kind of solutions manual available? I promise I am not doing 
this as homework for a course.


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