[Haskell-cafe] memory, garbage collection and other newbie's issues

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Sat Oct 21 15:09:13 EDT 2006


Thanks a lot for stopping by.

On Sat, Oct 21, 2006 at 06:41:32PM +0200, Udo Stenzel wrote:
> The correct solution however, is the application of 'seq' at the right
> places.  To understand where these are, perform a simulation of
> Haskell's reduction strategy on paper.

I will definitely try that.

> > 30 Mega used for reading a feed is a number that I seem to get. 
> Depends on what you're doing with the data.  If you scan a stream of
> Chars exactly once, the space requirement per Char is next to
> irrelevant.  If you're keeping lots of Strings around, using
> PackedStrings will help (and be sure to pack strictly).  But I actually
> suspect, you are running a backtracking parser over your input, so the
> whole input is read into a String and cannot be disposed of as long as
> the parser might backtrack.  If this is Parsec, you need to remove a
> redundant 'try'.  If it is the Read class, you need to replace it by
> Parsec or ReadP...

No. I'm actually using the ReadDocument module of HXT for reading my
input and writeDocument for writing. So, it's parsec, on your

The application I'm writing is basically a HXT application, with an
hscurser gui.

If you have some hints on how to make memory consumption go down that
would be great.

Thanks for your kind attention.
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