[Haskell-cafe] memory, garbage collection and other newbie's issues

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Wed Oct 18 13:34:28 EDT 2006


I'm a newbie and, as a learning experience, I'm writing a feed reader
with hscurses and hxt. For the present time the feed reader just reads
a Liferea cache but, as you can imagine, I'm running into the usual
newbie problems of memory consumption and garbage collection, probably
(I'm not sure) related to strictness/laziness.

Even though I spent a couple of hours search the mailing list
archives, I did not come up with something I can relate to, so I'll
try to explain my problem.

The feed reader, that should be compatible with Liferea, takes an opml
(1.0) file, that stores information on folders and subscribed feeds.
It uses it as the major component of the state of a ST monad, after
adding some attributes used by the reader UI.

The UI, that uses the widget library of hscurses and is derived from
the Contact Manager example, will just display this opml file, and
every UI event (collapsing/expanding of folders, displaying feeds,
tagging, flagging, and so on) is just an XML transformation of this
opml state component.

So, when the feed reader boots, only the layout of folders and
subscribed feeds is presented to the user.

When the user selects a feed do be displayed, the cached file
containing up to 100 saved posts, is read and transformed into a data
type (called Feed, obviously). After that this data type is
transformed into an opml (xml) tree, that is inserted as a child in
the appropriate place of the opml state component. 

Moreover the parent element of the opml state component (which holds
the original information of the subscribed feed) is edited for adding
general feed information (such as last update, feed's attributes, and
so on) retrieved by reading the file.

When the user collapses the feed, the added opml chunk is deleted from
the state component (but not the added information to the parent of
this chunk).

Now, I would expect that after the opml chunk is deleted all the
memory allocated for reading the cached file would be garbage
collected. This is not happening, so, every time you open (or reopen)
a feed, the used memory of the feed reader increases, and never

After profiling I've seen that the problem is occurring in the
function that reads the cached file:

loadFeed :: String -> IO [Feed]
readFeed id =
    do [a] <- runX $ readDocument [(a_validate, v_0)] (cachePath ++ id)                                                    
       return $ runLA toFeed a 

What this function does is reading the file with:
h <- openFile ...
hGetContents h
and applying some XML filters to get the Feed type populated with the
needed information.

I tried making the function strict with $!. I tried using fps. It
doesn't change this behaviour, obviously.

Now, I know that this is a typical newbie problem: could you give me
some direction on how to debug this problem and possibly find a
solution? Or just some hints on the kind of problem I'm facing: is it
related to strictness/laziness, or it's just that I did not understand
a single bit of how garbage collection works in Haskell?

Thanks for your kind attention. If I'll be able to solve this problem
probably I'll be also able to share the feed reader (I know that you
are not going to answer after reading this....;-)


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