[Haskell-cafe] searching haskell.org

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 10:41:53 EDT 2006


> > I noticed that searching on Haskell.org (using the Search feature at
> > the bottom) doesn't work as I expected.  For example, searching for
> > "memoise" produces no results.
> This is searching haskellwiki.

Does anyone have the search logs for this page? If they were
available, we might get a better idea of what people were searching
for, and could then make the results more appropriate. For example,
its entirely possible people are searching for functions (better
prodivided by Hoogle search), wiki concepts (as currently searched
for), haskell stuff (a google site search), or possibly something
entirely different.

My experience from Hoogle suggests that people don't use your search
like you think they do!



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