[Haskell-cafe] Having typing problem with "tan" function.

Edward Ing inge at ihitacow.com
Thu Oct 12 20:22:48 EDT 2006

I am new to Haskell, so the following problem is probably easy for you to spot but difficult for me.
Any pointers would be appreciated.
In GHCI on a load I am getting the following message:

    No instance for (Floating Int)
      arising from use of `pi' at Snowflake.hs:41:45-46
    Probable fix: add an instance declaration for (Floating Int)
    In the first argument of `(/)', namely `pi'
    In the first argument of `tan', namely `(pi / 3)'
    In the second argument of `(*)', namely `(tan (pi / 3))'
Failed, modules loaded: none.

When I put the expression "tan ( pi / 3)" at the GHCI interpreter prompt I get a value, but this is not accepted on a load the code.

Here is the code:
>>>> code

triangle :: Window -> (Point,Point) -> Int -> IO ()
triangle window ((x1,y1), (x2,y2)) size =
	 let	height = fromIntegral(y2 - y1) * 3 / 2
	  	halfWidth =  height  * (tan (pi / 3 )) in
			drawInWindow window (withColor (sizeColorMap size) 
			 (polygon [(x1,y1),( x1 - halfWidth, height ), (x1 + halfWidth, height)] ))

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