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Udo Stenzel u.stenzel at web.de
Wed Oct 11 15:16:58 EDT 2006

Robert Dockins wrote:
> FWIW, I'm using Apple's Mail.app, and it doesn't have a "reply-to-
> list".  In fact, I don't know of a mail client off the top of my head
> that does

Mutt does.  But that's to be expected, considering that it was written
because the author was fed up with the poor handling of mailing lists.

> However, I don't recall problems with multiple copies of emails.

I did get your mail twice, which I don't consider a huge problem.

> I think (pure speculation) the haskell.org mail server is set up to  
> omit people from mail it sends if they appear in the To: or Cc: of  
> the original mail.

Actually it's Mailman that can be set up this way.  I don't think, it is
done on haskell.org, though.  Should an admin read this, you might
consider switching that option on (and leaving reply-to-munging off).

Two rules get you through life: If it's stuck and it's not supposed to
be, WD-40 it. If it's not stuck and it's supposed to be, duct tape it.
	-- The Duct Tape Guys' book "WD-40"
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