[Haskell-cafe] Profiling CAFs (re-post)

Matthias Fischmann fis at wiwi.hu-berlin.de
Tue Oct 10 07:31:58 EDT 2006

Hi again,

I posted a bunch of questions on profiling here a few days back, but
couldn't tickle anybody to post a reply.  Since I am not tired any
more today, but still can't understand the documentation, or the
output of the profiler, here it goes again:

  What qualifies as constant applicable form, and why is it not
  labelled in a more informative way?

  Why are there functions that inherit all of their (considerable)
  time and space consumption from elsewhere, but nothing in the
  list would allow for such a rich inheritage?

As I said, I am happy to set up a wiki page if I learn anything that
helps me improve the utility of profiling (the profiler and the
rudimentary documentation are of great value as is).  And i am happy
to take pointers and go read articles if you tell me they help in the
everyday work with ghc profiling.

thanks / cheers,
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