[Haskell-cafe] Error building Edison

Lyle Kopnicky lists at qseep.net
Fri Oct 6 15:55:30 EDT 2006

Robert Dockins wrote:
> On Thursday 05 October 2006 16:51, Lyle Kopnicky wrote:
>> Robert Dockins wrote:
> mtl is the Monad Transformer Library.  It's a part of the standard libraries 
> in 6.4.x.  There's been a good deal of chatter recently about reducing the 
> set of libraries the GHC ships with; it may be that mtl is on that list.  I 
> haven't really been following, so I'm not sure.
>> Maybe there's something broken in this GHC 
>> snapshot. I've already noticed Template Haskell seems to be broken in it.
> Possible.  I also notice that QuickCheck isn't in your list of installed 
> packages.  You'll need that to compile edison-core.
OK, now I've uninstalled GHC 6.5.x, and installed 6.4.2, and now I can 
compile Edison without any problem. I think that 6.5.x snapshot was 
missing some libraries. Three cheers for stable releases.

- Lyle
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