[Haskell-cafe] Haddock Parse Errors

Ivan Perez iperez at babel.ls.fi.upm.es
Fri Oct 6 13:49:52 EDT 2006

Matthew Bromberg wrote:
> ...
> I'm not sure why an auto-documentation tool shouldn't be a bit more
> forgiving vis a vis it's syntax.  Maybe flag errors as warnings but
> keep on going.
> ...

I can't help you about the haddock thing but, in my experience,
if you forgive that kind of mistakes, many users will write
documentation with
lots of warnings and say "ok, these docs ain't right but, it works for me".
I guess this is mostly what has happened to HTML, you can find lots and lots
of documents that "work" (well, depending on the browser you are using),
but they
are obviously wrong.

Maybe the solution to this kind of problems is haddock to give more
about the parse error, like: "Found token <A> when expecting one of
<B>,<C> or <D>",
so at least you know what you should have written instead.

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