[Haskell-cafe] throwDynIO ?

Carlos Pita carlosjosepita at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 13:27:59 EDT 2006

Hi all!

I'm a newcomer to haskell programming with a lisp/scheme background.
Last week I've been reading a lot about the monadic approach to IO and
I should said I'm pretty fascinated about the flexibility it allows.
Currently I'm trying to grasp haskell exception handling and although
I find it mostly clear I'm a bit confused regarding the lack of a
throwDynIO action "paralelling" throwIO, as there are dynamic variants
for the other throw functions:

throwDyn  - throw
throwDynTo - throwTo

I understand that the same effect could be conjured up by

throwIO (DynException (...)))

magic. But the lack of symmetry still disturbes me. Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance.

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