[Haskell-cafe] The Future of MissingH

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 12:26:39 EST 2006

Hi John,

> Should this all be one library?

No, several smaller libraries would be nice.

> Should the module naming scheme be changed?

Yes, MissingH is not the place to put these things. You run the risk
of more name clashes, but thats ok.

> Could, and should, any of this be integrated into the Haskell libraries
> project?

Yes, some should, but only after careful review and being split up.
Assuming the Haskell libraries project is still something that should
be continued, once Hackage is up and running suddenly the distinction
becomes minimal.

A few of the functions should be picked out and moved into base, where
they truely are missing.

> How could greater community participation be encouraged, while still
> encouraging quality control?

Make sure more people know about it. I want to start using MissingH
but never got around to it, by continually telling me how great it was
I'm sure I would have started using it earlier. I have various bits of
general libraries strewn around the place, which I might contribute to



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