[Haskell-cafe] trivial ghc problem, help needed

brad clawsie clawsie at fastmail.fm
Wed Nov 22 18:00:26 EST 2006

i have a program tb.hs:

module Main where
import Network.URI (URI(..), URIAuth(..), parseURI)

myFunc :: String -> Maybe URI
myFunc u = parseURI u

main = do { return () }

when i attempt to build it with ghc, i get the following output:

tb.o: In function `Main_myFunc_info':
(.text+0x11): undefined reference to
tb.o: In function `Main_myFunc_srt':
(.rodata+0x0): undefined reference to
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

any clue why? i would send this to the ghc list but i presume my issue
is due to a trivial misunderstanding of the language

thanks in advance

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