[Haskell-cafe] Interoperating with Java

Mark T.B. Carroll mark at ixod.org
Mon Nov 20 11:31:27 EST 2006

I was wondering, what's the status of the various means of two-way
interoperation with Java? Are things actively maintained? According to
the WWW, HaskellDirect's (I have Lambada in mind) current version was
released Jan 2004 and compiles with 'recent' versions of GHC, such as
ghc-6.2, and the latest released JVM Bridge isn't much newer. We were
looking at using the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) but don't want to
rely on driving it from Haskell if the connectors are going to rot away.
(We could still use FP, after all - e.g. Scheme's Kawa and Bigloo have
good Java interoperation.)

-- Mark

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