[Haskell-cafe] Re: jhc, whole program optimizing compiler.

Benjamin Franksen benjamin.franksen at bessy.de
Sun Nov 19 14:35:48 EST 2006

szefirov at ot.ru wrote:
> Do anyone had any experience with JHC?
> I tried to install it second time and again get an error during library
> build.
> It's a pity, we need a speed in our very lazy code. ;)

I had the same problem and asked John. He explained why and told me how to

> that is most likely because the format of the 'ho' and 'hl' files
> changed recently. you will need to delete all old versions with 'make
> clean-ho' and rm *.hl to get rid of them. I think the pre-compiled
> libraries on the site are up to date if you want to get those.


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