[Haskell-cafe] Collection of objects?

Valentin Gjorgjioski valentin.gjorgjioski at ijs.si
Fri Nov 17 12:36:30 EST 2006

Is some kind of collection of object with different types in Haskell 
exist? Except the tuples, which have fixed length.
I find this

    * Tuples heterogeneous, lists homogeneous.
    * Tuples have a fixed length, or at least their length is encoded in
      their type. That is, two tuples with different lengths will have
      different types.
    * Tuples always finite.

But I need something which is heterogeneous and non-fixed length. I'm 
used do Java, and this switch to functional languages is very strange to 
me. So, to be clear, I need something like LinkedList<Object> in java.

Can you please help me or suggest me, what can I use in this case?


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