[Haskell-cafe] Squash ladder software in Haskell

Tony Morris tmorris at tmorris.net
Fri Nov 17 00:43:22 EST 2006

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Hello fellow squashy,
Sorry I cannot provide any software references for you, but I have had
similar thoughts to yourself. In particular, I keep a track of my win
rate for one of the competitions I play in - but I do this manually.
Each time I do, I think, "gee, I should just fire up ghci and blah
blah...", but of course, I get home from squash at "ridiculous o'clock"
and so ghci is a bit contradictory to my immediate objective - to sleep.

I'm not sure if you're aware of the "usual" method of scoring local
competitions, but it is a match of best of 5 (as usual) games and a win
percentage is calculated by number of games won/total number of games

For example, suppose I play 3 matches and win 3/0 3/2 and lose 1/3, my
win percentage is number of games won (3+3+1)/total number of games
played (3+3+1+0+2+3) == 7/12 == 58.3%

Many sporting bodies use this number for grading, etc. so it would be
good have a cumulative number, with graphs, etc. and for comparison to
others (i.e. for grading).

A bit early for feature requests I know :) I'll put my hand up as a
potential volunteer if you decide to pursue it further.

Where do you play?

Tony Morris

Robin Bate Boerop wrote:
> I've recently been looking for some open source software that will
> enable me to run a squash/tennis/badminton ladder on the Web.  I haven't
> found any.  So, it's time to write my own.  Haskell is my language of
> choice.  Before I start this project, is there anyone out there who has
> written some code that might be of use to me?  Want to share?
> --Robin Bate Boerop
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