[Haskell-cafe] submenu doesn't seem to work properly in wxhaskell

Eric Y. Kow eric.kow at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 17:10:44 EST 2006


Let's transfer this to wxhaskell-users.

I've attached your example as a small .lhs file and makefile.  For
Debian Linux, uncomment the -lwx_gtk2u_gl-2.6 line or otherwise,
modify to taste.

> The following code doesn't seem to work properly. Either the main entry 
> (m1/mp1) or it's sub menu entry (ms1/mps1) do not seem to propagate the 
> event when pressed. It is possible to make it working by uncomments the 
> lines where the menu commands are registered in the frame.

It seems to work fine on my Mac at least, unless I'm misunderstanding
something.  Selecting the menubar items m1 and ms1 both putStr their
respective strings, as do mp1 and mps1 (right click on the main frame).

On the other hand, under Linux, m1 does not putStr, whereas the others
do.  Is this the problem you are experiencing?

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