[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Debugging

Cale Gibbard cgibbard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 21:48:48 EST 2006

On 14/11/06, Valentin Gjorgjioski <valentin.gjorgjioski at ijs.si> wrote:
> Just one more thing
> If I write
> ex9 :: [Float]
> ex9 = (observe "after reverse" )  reverse  [10.0,7.0,3.0,0.0,4.0]
> it doesn't work. If I delete ex9 :: [Float] then it works fine. any
> suggestions?
This doesn't happen for me. The only thing I can think of trying is to
check the type of ex9 by deleting the type signature, loading the
file, and typing:
:t ex9
on the hugs prompt. If it prints anything other than
ex9 :: [Float]
then you'll have your answer.

 - Cale

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