[Haskell-cafe] Great language shootout: reloaded

Isaac Gouy igouy2 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 11 14:36:07 EST 2006

Donald Bruce Stewart wrote:

> I agree. Breaking the rules was mainly the reason for the drop.
> like chameneos and fasta. Also, the other language teams kept
> things.  

Yes, I missed that opportunity for listing things in threes ;-) 

Over the year improved programs were contributed for other languages.
In contrast to the last focussed effort by the Haskell community, many
of the other programs are contributed by individuals working alone,
over many weeks.

> Other language (perl, iirc) were affected far worse by the gzipping.
> gzip is an interesting measurement, and it doesn't hurt Haskell too
> either way -- short Haskell programs stay short when compressed.
> As a result, rewriting verbose entries to ByteString will probably be
> much more useful :)
> Btw, Isaac, are we going to have any new parallelism benchmarks? I'd
> love to try out the SMP runtime ;)

If we were to have a 'which is the silliest comparison on the computer
language shootout' competition, I think chameneos and cheap-concurrency
would be joint first - there are so many really really different

Ideas for unicode text processing would be more welcome.

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