[Haskell-cafe] Black Haskell Hacker's t-shirt (was Re: there's a monster in my Haskell!

Fritz Ruehr fruehr at willamette.edu
Wed Nov 1 16:29:06 EST 2006

I suppose this might be a good time to announce the tentative  
availability of BLACK t-shirts in the "Haskell Hackers" design, which  
in fact features a "monster". (Note that I am only responsible for  
the composition of elements on the shirt: the monster drawing itself  
comes from a dingbat font.)

The design has been on the merchandise logo page for several years  
(see <http://www.willamette.edu/~fruehr/logos/PNGs/RealHackers.png>),  
but several people had asked for it on a black shirt, and CafePress  
(our arbitrarily-preferred production house) only recently announced  
availability such shirts.

By way of fair warning, the black shirts are still considered to be  
"beta" by CafePress: they are more expensive and can only be printed  
on one-side.

Nevertheless, I made a black version of the "Haskell Hackers"/monster  
logo which can be ordered here:


My beta-tester tells me that it washes well, but that it looks more  
abstract in black than it does in white, specifically that the  
monster is less recognizable. (Anyone ordering a shirt might want to  
compare the two design colors; I haven't made a white one available  
yet, but would be happy to do so upon request.)

   --  Fritz

PS: as always, Haskell.org merchandise is offered on a non-profit  
basis. A small amount of funds accrue in the account based on link  
referrals, which we have used to gift shirts to a few Haskell  

PPS: I wouldn't recommend ordering this design on the new red  
("cardinal")-colored shirts.

On Nov 1, 2006, at 1:00 AM, David House wrote:

> And do we have any artistic Haskellers out there? Could we get
> drawings of these monsters? I'd love to see the 'mysterious and
> awesome IO' in pictorial form.

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