[Haskell-cafe] UTF-8 Strings and GHC

Dmitry V'yal akamaus at gmail.com
Thu May 25 11:02:09 EDT 2006

Hi, all.
I'm writing a GUI app using Haskell and Gtk2HS. All goes well besides one thing.
I need to display some messages in russian and I can't figure out, how to handle

Gtk uses UTF-8 internally, so i have to pass UTF-8 strings to it somehow. But
how to define them in source file? I get "lexical error in string/character
literal" message then compiling using GHC-6.4.1.

I tried to bypass it by using koi8-r in sources and converting strings to UTF-8
on the fly using ffi binding to iconv I found in MissingH (iirc). Works fine on
Linux though is a little awkward, but I get wried results on Win32.

Is there any way to use unicode strings in sources?

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