[Haskell-cafe] Trouble with Cabal

Scherrer, Chad Chad.Scherrer at pnl.gov
Mon May 22 12:29:10 EDT 2006

Thanks to all who responded about the benefits of using Cabal. After
trying out Bulat's Streams library, I thought I would download
ByteString (aka FPS) to compare the wc demos. To compile something using
Streams, I need to use a -i flag (thanks Bulat). When I followed the
README that comes with ByteString, I get this:

%  ./Setup.hs install
Installing: /f/g/lib/fps-0.7 & /f/g/bin fps-0.7...
*** Exception: /f: createDirectory: permission denied (Permission

I don't have root on this machine, and it's not obvious (to me) how to
specify that everything should be installed locally. Any suggestions?


Chad Scherrer
Computational Mathematics Group
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana." -- Groucho Marx

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