[Haskell-cafe] Troubles with FFI

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Mon May 15 14:52:54 EDT 2006

> Matthew, the entire Haskell.org website is a Wiki.  You might spare
> someone else the pain that you went through by starting a "Duffers guide
> to the Haskell FFI" that contains the information you wished you'd known
> on day 1.  I'm sure you'd get lots of help on the #haskell IRC if you
> did so.

The old wiki has several FFI related articles.  I myself contributed 
example code with callbacks and a data structure as I couldnt find one 
when I was playing with FFI. Perhaps it could be augmented to include an 
array example.  (Also if anyone wants to make the example better,
that would be great, I am no haskell expert).


Also, perhaps this should be reachable somehow from the new wiki?

> Simon

Tim Newsham

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