[Haskell-cafe] Is it possible to export module aliases?

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Wed May 3 07:18:35 EDT 2006

Are you asking for the same thing as described under "Permit qualified
exports" on this Haskell Prime page?



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| Hi -
| Given some large list of modules which need to be used qualified, I'd
| to be able to make a convenience module that I could use instead, and
| would export all these modules also qualified by an alias, ie:
| module Top
|        ( module qualified Top.First as First
|        , module qualified Top.Second as Second
|        ) where ...
| import qualified Top.First
| so that I could then say:
| import Top
| main = do
|    a <- First.create ...
|    b <- Second.create ...
| instead of having to always write:
| import qualified Top.First as First
| import qualified Top.Second as Second
| -- this may be a *very* long list
| in every module that uses the "Top" API.
| The current "workaround" for this problem in the standard libraries
seems to
| be to always append the module name to the name of the function or
type or
| constructor (which is unfortunately, like record field names, not
local to
| the type but that's another story) eg by using createFirst,
| etc, which seems a bit messy to me.
| An alternative is to use the C preprocessor and #include a file
| all the import declarations, but although "ok", I'd prefer to be able
| express the code organization purely in Haskell itself.
| This must be a very common issue so I'm wondering if anyone else has
| better ideas on how to solve it?
| Thanks, Brian.
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