[Haskell-cafe] First Question

Jared Updike jupdike at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 11:56:55 EST 2006

> I think you're looking for:
> stops x y = x+y
> Or use your own definition and change the type to stops:: (Int,Int) -> Int
> It's generally recommended not to send the parameters of your function
> as a tuple (like you're doing) but rather "one at a time" like the
> example I gave above.

Also, types in Haskell have initial capital letters.

> stops :: Int->Int->Int

Try reading the tutorial here if you haven't seen it yet; it's geared
toward programmers who know other languages but not Haskell:
or any of the tutorials listed on this page:

and this is a great list of FAQs:

Enjoy and welcome!
reverse ")-:"

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