[Haskell-cafe] GUI-Woes

Dmitry V'yal akamaus at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 01:45:41 EST 2006

Christophe Poucet wrote:
> I have to concur with Duncan.
> I started using Gtk2Hs for a small project and literally within a couple
> hours I had a good understanding upon which to build a nice gui as well as
> the gui itself.  I haven't tried out wxhaskell, but trying gtk2hs and it's
> cairo bindings, I fell in love with the simplicity.
> Cheers

I like gtk2hs too. I used it to make gui for my several toy projects. My
experience was mostly positive, but I had some troubles:
	First of all, it's just a binding to GTK+, so if you don't have an expirience
with it (as in my case), you have to learn both GTK+ and gtk2hs simultaneously.
	Secondly, I'm absolutely not satisfied with a size of produced binaries. I
hope, I just made something wrong, but I got a 3 megabyte behemot after
compiling and stripping my 300-line program. I compiled it with ghc-6.4.1 with
"ghc --make Main.hs". objdump -T shows a myriad of symbols with gtk_ prefix and
I have a hard time guessing what most of them are doing where :)

I haven't looked at wxhaskell yet. Personally I don't like wxWidgets because
  of it's overall orientation on GDI API and resemblance with MFC. What is about
size of binaries produced using it?

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