[Haskell-cafe] Re: Can't uninstall GHC or prepare SOE installation on OS X

Xavier Elizalde elizalde at bigpond.net.au
Sat Mar 11 16:26:58 EST 2006

That did the trick, thanks heaps again. I think I may have done a  
"Use Settings as Default" after having tweaked the Terminal settings  
after launching GHCi. I kept thinking it was some kind of Unix shell  
startup script thing.


On 12/03/2006, at 5:54 AM, Wolfgang Thaller wrote:

> First, a classic Mac OS trick:  If an application misbehaves,  
> delete its preferences file (in this case, ~/Library/Preferences/ 
> com.apple.Terminal.plist).
> Remmeber: uninstalling my GHCi package is never a solution. ;-)
> I played around with Apple's Terminal a bit to find out what  
> happened, and I've come to the conclusion that I can shift the  
> blame to Apple:
> Apparently, the command that is run when a terminal window is  
> openened is one of the "settings" that the "Use Settings as  
> Default" menu item (and the button in the "Terminal Inspector"  
> window) refers to.
> What's more, there seems to be no way to change this setting from  
> the user interface. The only way I know of apart from deleting the  
> preferences file is to open Script Editor and run the following  
> script:
> tell application "Terminal" to do script ""
> .. which opens a new Terminal window without running a command. You  
> can then use "Use Settings as Default" to restore everything to  
> normal.
> Cheers,
> Wolfgang

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