[Haskell-cafe] library sort

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 09:11:24 EST 2006

> I'm not sure I agree that is a good reason.
I never claimed it was a good reason, merely that it was a reason :)

Hoogle 2 only allowed you to search the Haskell 98 libraries, which
obviously everyone wants to do. Hoogle 3 is still in beta - I
introduced searching more, but have not got round to letting the user
specify what to search.

My thinking with selecting which packages are defaults in Hoogle was
roughly guided by the question "if a person is searching for this
package, would they know that they wanted that package?"

For example, when searching for "sort" the user has no expectation of
where the sort will be. However when searching for something like a
"newOpenGlContext" the user knows they are looking for a very OpenGL
function. i.e. for one they are searching "haskell" - for the other
they really just want to search opengl.

Anyway, my current plan is:
* lots of smallish packages, and one big "base" package which is the
default search
* OpenGL, wxHaskell, Gtk2Hs, Darcs, GHC API, GHC (the code base), Yhc,
Parsec will all be options to search for. At some point in the future
I will send out an offer to everyone if they want their package

See what functions users really do search for, if say 5% of users add
Parsec to their searches, consider including it in the defaults.

Maybe (depending on how efficient I can make Hoogle), it can give
google style hints - "there were also 3 results in OpenGL, would you
like to add OpenGL to your search options".



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