[Haskell-cafe] library sort

John Hughes rjmh at cs.chalmers.se
Wed Mar 8 05:25:53 EST 2006

>Am Samstag, 4. März 2006 21:30 schrieb Neil Mitchell:
>>>And a related question is: Which packages are searchable by Hoogle?
>>The best answer to that is "some". I intentionally excluded OpenGL and
>>other graphics ones because they have a large interface and yet are
>>not used by most people using Haskell. [...]
>Well, this a bold assumption IMHO, and I'm not particularly happy with that, 
>as you can probably imagine. For my part, I would assume that Joe Programmer 
>is much more likely to use some multimedia packages than TH or Data.Graph.* 
>etc., but this is a bold assumption on *my* side...
>>Well, this a bold assumption IMHO, and I'm not particularly
>>happy with that, as you can probably imagine.
>I would also imagine that Joe Programmer is more likely to use
>wxHaskell or Gtk2Hs than those - however because those are outside the
>standard tree they don't make it in. I don't think much of TH made it
>in either (not becuase of deliberate exclusions, but because of
>technical limitations in the tool).
When I surveyed Haskell users, I asked respondents to name the most 
important tools and libraries they use. (Caveat: respondents saw the 
list of tools and libraries already named, and could include these just 
by selecting them, so tools mentioned early in the survey were more 
likely to be named by subsequent respondents). Here are a few relevant 
entries, where the percentage is the proportion of respondents who named 
the tool:

29% Parsec
19% wxHaskell
16% QuickCheck
16% haddock
12% Monadic Parser Combinators
11% Gtk2Hs
9% hs-plugins
8% HaXml
7% Data.*
7% Monad foundation classes
6% Arrows
6% HOpenGL

The list includes all libraries named by more than 5% of respondents. 
Sure enough, wxHaskell and Gtk2Hs are more popular, but 6% naming 
HOpenGL as among the "most important" libraries is quite respectable.


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