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> > > I think that continuation-based web session state management, ala
> > > Smalltalk/Seaside, would be a very natural fit for a 
> Haskell framework -- all
> > > handled by a "Web session monad", maybe.  (Or maybe I 
> just don't know what I'm
> > > talking about ;)
> > 
> > This is by far the biggest drawback of HSP today. There is no
> > high-level support for continuations (other than explicitly defined
> > continuations at top level).
> I would really like to know exactly what this means. Are there any
> examples or papers on this?

I have a lot of links... which I'll feel free to spam you and the list with :-)

Here a list of continuation-based web-frameworks that I know about; there may be more:

Cocoon (Java + Javascript)  http://cocoon.apache.org/
Borges (Ruby)  http://borges.rubyforge.org/
Wee (Ruby)  http://www.ntecs.de/blog/Wee
WASH (Haskell)  http://www.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/~thiemann/haskell/WASH/
Seaside (Smalltalk)  http://www.seaside.st/
PLT Scheme (Scheme)  http://www.plt-scheme.org/  (can't find the actual library)
Siscweb (Scheme)  http://siscweb.sourceforge.net/
Uncommon Web (Common Lisp)  http://common-lisp.net/project/ucw/
Rife (Java)  http://rifers.org

One of the first people (but not the only, I think) to recognise that continuations were a good way of modelling web interations was Christian Queinnec:

Probably the best-known such framework is Seaside (ironic, as Smalltalk doesn't natively support continuations, AFAIK):

Phil Wadler is also doing something along these lines in Links, I believe:

Excellent summary of problems with REST and continuations (Dave Roberts):

IBM article, mainly about Cocoon - a Java + Javascript framework:

More hype:

Bill Clementson's postings (he's a Lisper):

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