[Haskell-cafe] Hacking Hawk

szefirov at ot.ru szefirov at ot.ru
Wed Mar 1 10:18:12 EST 2006

Hawk didn't updated from GHC v4.04. It does contain dependencies on 
functions that are present in my current (6.04) GHC distribution, but 
they are not documented.

Those functions and constructors are (just a error log from ghc):
AQ.lhs:17:16: Not in scope: type constructor or class `STArray'

AQ.lhs:82:14: Not in scope: `newSTArray'

AQ.lhs:92:21: Not in scope: `writeSTArray'

AQ.lhs:258:27: Not in scope: `readSTArray'

AQ.lhs:262:27: Not in scope: `writeSTArray'

They are in GHC.Arr module now. I found that googling for their name.

They also changed their types so that they are not compatible with 
Control.Monad.ST (previous versions were compatible with LazyST).

What does they do?

Is it possible to rewrite them for current version of ghc?

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