[Haskell-cafe] A question about stack overflow

Huazhi (Hank) Gong hankgong at nm.gist.ac.kr
Tue Jun 27 04:06:48 EDT 2006

Hi, all

I'm just a newbie for Haskell and functional programming world. The idea I
currently read is quite different and interesting.

I have one general question about the recursively looping style. For

myMax [ ] = error "empty list"

myMax [x] = x

myMax [x:xs] = if x>= (myMax xs) then x else (myMax xs)


I just list out this kind of very simple program. However, if the list size
if a big number such as 10000000, the Winhug will report that the stack is

Does it mean that the functional programming is lacking of scalability? I do
know that we can manually change the stack size for it. But that's not a
good solution according to my opinion.


Yours, Hank

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