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jeff lasslett m4d.skills at gmail.com
Sat Jun 24 02:19:17 EDT 2006


I am considering writing -in Haskell of course - a small program to
translate binary files to human readable text.
The trouble is that I can find no easily digestible tutorial style info on
how to do binary IO in Haskell.
I have read about some of the libraries that people have created to do
binary IO, but the documentation wasn't
sufficient to get me started (perhaps because I'm a bit dense, and also
relatively new to Haskell).

What I would like is to see a short example showing some code that reads
from a binary file.  I would also
like to know what the most widely used library for doing binary IO in
Haskell is.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could post a small example or two
illustrating how to do
binary IO in Haskell using the most widely used binary IO lib (if there is
such a thing).  Failing that, I would
appreciate a link to some Haskell code that does binary IO that I could

Lastly, if there is a good tutorial on doing binary IO in Haskell then I
would appreciate a link to that as well.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Lasslett
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