[Haskell-cafe] Learning C after Haskell

Jason Dagit dagit at eecs.oregonstate.edu
Mon Jun 12 16:30:15 EDT 2006

On 6/12/06, Chad Scherrer <chad.scherrer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok, so I'm doing things somewhat backward. I've been using Haskell for a
> while now, whenever I get a chance to. But in order to become more involved
> in high-performance computing projects at my work, I need to learn C.
>  My question is, as I learn C, are there any particular Haskell concepts I
> should keep in the back of my mind, or is it better to approach C from
> scratch?

Sounds like you would be an almost ideal user for Jekyll.  Too bad
it's only in the alpha stages:


You might find it useful to study how Haskell's familiar product and
sum types would be represented in unfamiliar C.  If I recall correctly
you can find examples of the translation in the Jekyll
presentations/documentation.  So even if you never used it, it would
be a worthwhile read.

Good luck,

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