[Haskell-cafe] Re: Editors for Haskell

Imam Tashdid ul Alam uchchwhash at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 8 07:39:10 EDT 2006


this topic is hot, and I wonder why :s

well, I've been thinking, the EclipseFP people have
done more or less a fine job (I'm trying their "live"
build, things feel natural).

but the problem is, to build something like EclipseFP
you have to know both Java and Haskell and on top of
that you have to be very familiar with the Eclipse
plug-in architecture.

  - should have had folds for where and let clauses
  - the error messages are still cryptic (and
  - there was no tooltip for functions
  - the default color chosen for functions is way too
  - ... (many silly Java expectations follow)

but what if we _ask_ eclipse.org to help us out? like,
an official collaboration? they have done an excellent
job promoting free software. this should be sort of a
recognition for them. 

the point is, GUI _is_ easier to build in Java. and
those people are experts. should not take much time.

as for me, I'll be happy to watch the impact Haskell
will have on Java fans. 

two things just to make sure this post is not
absolutely superfluous:
  - without drinking anything I was feeling drunk that
night and so I posted some of my hIDEous thoughts in
http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Talk:HIDE page.
Lemmih left a note saying I was not so genuine, a
project called Proxima has implemented (or at least,
proposed) most of the ideas. I checked it out and was
ashamed of my lack of original idea. however, though
the paper was absolutely dreamy, the implementation,..
how do I put it humbly.. sucked. I am sure the Eclipse
people will appreciate the Proxima ideas. please ask
them to build a Proxima style IDE for Haskell.
  - about formatted error messages (I am sure you guys
don't care), could someone build a light GHC front end
that given a .hs/.lhs file produces two XML files with
specified DTD, the parsed structure and the error
messages? the reason for choosing XML is that not only
the Java people (including Leif Frenzel) but also
virtually anyone can access these information (in
order to create a great IDE) immediately and without
loosing the structure.


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