[Haskell-cafe] The possibility of a real OS based on Haskell zippers

Andy Elvey andy.elvey at paradise.net.nz
Sun Jul 30 17:34:54 EDT 2006

Hi everyone - 

 I'm very much a Haskell newbie, but have followed Haskell (and the
various Haskell sites) for quite a few months now, and I absolutely
*love* the language. 

 One thing that **fascinated** me a while ago was the site which gave
Haskell code for a "Haskell-based fileserver/OS" using zippers (the URI
follows) - 

 That code looks amazing! 

 So, I was thinking - would it *actually be (theoretically) possible* to
create a "real" booting OS (a bit like "House") from the above code? 
By a "real" OS, I mean something that uses (say) GRUB, and at least has
a command-line of some kind. ( A GUI could come later ... ).

I think that a "Plan 9-ish" OS (with all its "namespace/URL stuff, and
its network-centric approach) would seem to be *particularly well
suited* to being done using Haskell. 

( I have to say that I love Plan 9's elegance, but I just *can't* manage
its controls/GUI, they have me flummoxed ... )    
If it were possible, I would *love* to see it - I've actually seriously
considered even coughing up say $100 to $200 or so for a contest to
create such a thing....

Anyway, "first things first" :-) - is such an OS possible?  

Many thanks for your time - bye for now - 
 - Andy 


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