[Haskell-cafe] if-then-else as rebindable syntax

Immanuel Litzroth immanuell at enfocus.be
Fri Jul 28 04:45:15 EDT 2006

"Doaitse Swierstra" <doaitse at cs.uu.nl> writes:

>We alreday are at a stage where first year students trying to master
>haskell get error messages like
>"Bool is not an instance of the class Num"
>if they accidently write 1 + True (or something equivalent, but less

Good! It will prepare them for C++ error messages of several pages
because you forgot to write const next to a member function, thus
make the transition from Haskell to something that pays the rent

> In short: you will not make Haskell a lot more popular by attracting
> category theorists, but by making
> transitions from Java and C as smooth and surprise-free as possible
> (and this is already hard enough).

Are we talking about the straw that broke the camel's back?
Are you serious about making Java/C programmers transition to Haskell?
What would be the purpose of that? 
I can, I can't.
Tubbs Tattsyrup

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