[Haskell-cafe] Universal machines in Haskell

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Wed Jul 26 00:59:37 EDT 2006

Now the ICFP contest is now over, several of the entrants have been
interested in seeing if we can't write a decent universal machine (the
'hardware' of this year's contest), in Haskell.

This is an interesting problem for Haskell, since the spec encourages
the use of mutable variables and mutable arrays, as well as a bit of IO.
Getting C-like performance from Haskell, for this problem, is a bit of a
challenge, and highlights some corners in our libraries.

So, we're collecting any UMs in Haskell, with the goal to breed some
good solutions, and learn a bit about writing low level machines in

The website is here,

If you wrote a Haskell UM, or a faster C UM, free to submit it! Just
mail me a darcs repo url, a source module url, or the source itself.

-- Don

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