[Haskell-cafe] Where is Data.Atom ?

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 17:06:34 EDT 2006


> module somewhere (hopefully with a BSD licence), but a search on Hoogle
> turned up no results so maybe I'm mistaken.

Just so people know, not finding a result in Hoogle is not a good
indicator for something not existing. Hoogle doesn't index things for
various reasons:

* Not in the standard GHC libraries
* I got a parse error when trying to produce the HTML generated by
Haddock (this is about 5% of libraries)
* They have a large interface which overlaps with other names, and I
decided to delete them (OpenGL, Win32 - I think, I may have put these
* Not on Windows, i.e. Posix
* A bug in Hoogle - more common that you'd think :)

Of course, I'm working on fixing all these issues and more, but for
the moment just use Hoogle to find things, not find the absence of
things. I saw this done on Haskell IRC the other day as well.
Remember, Hoogle is still unreleased ever :)



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