[Haskell-cafe] EclipseFP (Haskell IDE) 0.10.0 released

Thiago Arrais thiago.arrais at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 11:56:48 EDT 2006

EclipseFP 0.10 has been released since last Friday. It is an
open-source development environment for Haskell code.

EclipseFP integrates GHC with an Haskell-aware code editor and also
supports quick file browsing through an outline view, automatic
building/compiling and quick one-button code execution.

For this new release we have been working on code assistance support,
something that has been heavily requested, and a Cabal editor.
Downloads and more information are available on the project home page


This release requires Eclipse 3.2, as opposed to Eclipse 3.1 that was
required on the previous release. You may need to upgrade your Eclipse
platform if you plan to use version 0.10.

I have taken the liberty to create a wiki page for EclipseFP. You can
post your comments and feature requests there, if you'd like. It is
located at



Thiago Arrais

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