[Haskell-cafe] darcs: the first haskell tool more popular than Haskell itself?

Isaac Jones ijones at syntaxpolice.org
Tue Jan 24 14:58:23 EST 2006

Iavor Diatchki <iavor.diatchki at gmail.com> writes:

> yet another thing (and this is debian specific) is that i
> use the darcs distributed with debian, which is old but works fine,

The darcs shipped w/ Debian "Stable" might be oldish, but that's the
darcs that was available when Debian was frozen.  The Debian unstable
version is 1.0.5 (the newest), and testing should be there soon.

If you're using stable, you can configure your system so that you can
apt-get install darcs/unstable

So it'll just get the unstable darcs and keep everything else as



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