[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] Simple IO Regions

Keean Schupke k.schupke at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Jan 19 12:11:09 EST 2006

Andrew Pimlott wrote:

>>liftR :: (InRegion mark marks) => (h -> m a) -> Private mark h -> Region marks m a
>>liftR f (Private h) = Region $ f h 
>This is not as safe.  Try modifying your test2.
Okay, I missed this... Have renamed the function "unsafeLiftR"... As you 
say still useful for building
libraries provided you do not export the region code from the library 
that uses it.

Of course an alternative is just to have an opaque/abstract handle, and 
not export the data-constructor.


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