[Haskell-cafe] Yet another top-level IO proposal

Adrian Hey ahey at iee.org
Tue Jan 17 18:38:00 EST 2006


Well it seems like you haven't started another flame war (yet :-).
I'm afraid I haven't properly understood your proposal, because I
don't have much time right now. It seems to be a bit like George
Russels proposal (aka "execution contexts").

Personally I have never felt the need for thread local state, but
I have often needed to use the unsafePerformIO hack to create 
*unique state* for API's that are both sane from a users point of
view and are also invulnerable to accidental or malicious state
"spoofing". So thread local state isn't really what I want (it's
a sure way to guarantee that spoofing will occur :-)

You seem to indicate that this is still possible with your scheme,
but I'm not sure of the details. Maybe you should put all this
on the wiki page. I'd like to see how/if you could implement
the hypothetical device driver API I put there, or even just
use the "oneShot" function or similar at the top level.

Adrian Hey

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