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Sat Jan 14 21:01:56 EST 2006

I can't think of any Haskell papers about ``formal methods'' in
software engineering, but many papers and books talk about proving
program correctness, which is difficult in traditional, imperative
languages (which is why it is probably not stressed as much as
//testing// is in formal software methods). Paul Hudak, in the
textbook, The Haskell School of Expression
writes a lot about proving program correctness (especially induction
on recursive algorithms) for Haskell and purely functional programs,
reasoning mathematically.

If you want to do strenuous testing, you can use "QuickCheck:
Automatic Specification-Based Testing": 

A professor I had at Caltech researches formal methods in constructing
reliable software systems, specifically using robust programming
language and compiler technology (in this case OCaml).


On 1/14/06, Abigail <asho19 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been searching papers about tha raltionship
> between formal methods in software engineering and
> functinal programmming, but i haven't found enough
> information.
> can u hel me?.
> Thanks
> Abigail.
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