[Haskell-cafe] Fannkuch timings

Daniel Fischer daniel.is.fischer at web.de
Tue Jan 10 06:00:25 EST 2006

On my 1.2 GHz Duron (SuSE linux), I get significantly different timings than 
those on the wiki. Sebastian Sylvan's, Kimberley Burchett's and Bertram 
Felgenhauer's all take roughly thrice as long as posted (that's rather 
consistent, but the factor is surprisingly large). Cale Gibbard's takes 18.44 
secs for N = 9, which is rather bad, I think.

Really surprising (to me) are the following (N = 10)

Algo                       Wiki          Here
Clean imperative   2.1 s         4.54 s
Fastest Pure       1.8 s         8.65 s
Fastest Impure     1.4 s         1.77 s.

So the ratio for the fast impure version is approximately 1.6GHz/1.2GHz, which 
is natural, but the ratio for clean impure is 2.2 and for the fast pure 
version, it's even 4.8!
All are compiled with -O2 -optc-O3.
Does that mean my system is really poor in producing binaries from pure 
And why would that be so?


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