[Haskell-cafe] x86 code generation going wrong?

Branimir Maksimovic bmaxa at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 8 18:51:03 EST 2006

>From: Chris Kuklewicz <haskell at list.mightyreason.com>
>To: bts at alum.mit.edu, Haskell Cafe <haskell-cafe at haskell.org>
>Subject: Re: [Haskell-cafe] x86 code generation going wrong?
>Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2006 20:33:57 +0000
>Brian Sniffen wrote:
> > The first couldn't even complete on my 2.26 GHz Celeron! It's only got
> > 512 MB of RAM,  which may be part of the problem.
>I should not leak memory but it may be an optimization problem.
>Try explicitly using "ghc -O2 -funbox-strict-fields".
On p4. 2.4 ghz 512mb first example takes about 2.5 mb of ram.
I've compiled explicitelly with -O2, because without optimisations it takes
ridicilously large amount of RAM.
I've changed {# OPTIONS to OPTIONS_GHC as Bulat sugested
but still no effect. Options have to be specified on command line in
order to work.

Greetings, Bane.

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