[Haskell-cafe] fastest Binary library!

Bulat Ziganshin bulatz at HotPOP.com
Sat Jan 7 13:08:09 EST 2006


yes, i did it! today i spend time to optimize my own Binary library
and got the (de)serialization speed about 50 mb/s with my 1 ghz cpu.
it is a peek speed for unboxed arrays, in real life GC times and other
overhead expenses will need much more time than (de)serialization
itself. but at least noone can now say that serialization is a
bottleneck of Haskell program :)

i uploaded current version to http://freearc.narod.ru/Binary.tar.gz
Main.hs in package is a testing program which builds, puts to memory
buffer and then gets back a 40mb array and prints runtime of each

Joel, if you are interested in switchinh to my library - write me. i
have ideas about supporting your 150 records using your own DDL. smth
like this:

data Command = Cmd1  field1  Word32  333
                     field2  Word16  0
               Cmd2  field3  String  ""
                     field4  [SubRecord]  []

you will describe all your records just one time and then these
definitions will be compiled for the language/library you are using
Best regards,
 Bulat                          mailto:bulatz at HotPOP.com

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